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You can create different kinds of quizzes (multiple choice, true/false, etc.). Moodle Quiz is flexible enough to allow a particular student more time or extra attempts. Moodle can auto-mark answers to single answer quiz questions.

Quiz questions are held in a Question bank and may be shared, re-used, or modified later. Quiz questions may be written right in Moodle or existing Quizzes may be imported (the simplest format is Aiken).

How to make a Quiz in Moodle

  1. Go to Your Moodle Page
  2. In the Administration Block, click Editing On
  3. Click on Add activity or resource
  4. Scroll the list of Activities down to Quiz (the list is alphabetical)
  5. Double click on Quiz. It opens to the page Adding a new Quiz.
  6. In the Adding a new Quiz page, the top field is Name. Give your Quiz a name (i.e. Exam 1)
  7. In the Description field, you can remind students of the topic of the Quiz, and then enter your instructions.
  8. Below the Description field are options for adjusting the Timing, Grade, Layout, and Question Behaviour settings. It is not necessary to change all these fields.
  9. Some of these fields have Default settings. You may change them.
  10. Some fields do not have Default settings and require you to specify what you want.

The details on these fields are listed below.


The first 2 settings are to Open and Close the Quiz.

Click enable to specify to the minute when the Quiz is to begin and when it is to end.


Enable this to specify how long a student has to take the quiz. (For example, the quiz can be open for 24 hours. The student can take the quiz at any time during that 24 hours. Once they begin the quiz, though, the Time Limit will determine how long they have to complete the quiz.)


When time expires offers 3 options. It is recommended that you leave it on the Default.

  • the Default is that open attempts are submitted automatically. (If a student has not completed or still is working on the quiz, within the time limit, the quiz is submitted automatically when time expires.)
  • you may set a grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered. (The student cannot make any changes to their quiz, but submits their own quiz, possibly unfinished.) 
  • attempts must be submitted before time expires, or they are not counted.



In this section, you can set the Grade required to pass. 

You can set the attempts allowed, and the grading method when multiple attempts are allowed. (Highest grade of all attempts, average grade of all attempts, first attempt, or last attempt.)



In Layout, you can specify how many questions per page and the navigation method of Free (Default) or Sequential.


Shuffle is set by Default to Yes.

How questions behave is set by Default to Deferred feedback (after the quiz closes).

Allow Redo Within An Attempt and Each Attempt Builds on the Last:

The Default is set to No.



This sets what students will see at different stages of the Quiz.

During the attempt, the student sees only the Quiz and their answers.

Immediately after the attempt has been submitted, the Default setting is that the student may see their mark on the Quiz. You may change this.

Later, if the Quiz is still open as determined in Timing, the Default setting is that the student may see their mark on the Quiz. You may change this.

After the Quiz is closed, the Default setting is that all students will be able to see:

Their attempt, Whether correct, Marks, Specific feedback, General feedback, Right answer, and Overall feedback.

It is recommended that in order to have more control over your Quiz results, you may wish to unclick Whether correct, Specific feedback, and Right answer.


For greater security of your online Quiz, you may Require a password, Require a network address, Enforce a delay between first and second attempts, Enforce a delay between later attempts, and / or Require student  cognizance of plagiarism policy.


In Overall feedback, you can set grade boundaries which will automatically provide prewritten feedback upon completion of autograded quizzes such as true/false and multiple choice.

You have now completed this part - known as the front - of setting up your Quiz. 

Click on Save and display.


When you click Save and display, you will be taken to the Editing Quiz page. 


Click Edit Quiz



Click Add  - this will allow you add a question. 



The popup box gives you a choice of three sources for questions: + a new question, + from question bank, + a random question

Chose +a new question. This will open options for Question type.


For this example, we will chose Multiple Choice.

In the Category dropdown menu, chose the default for your quiz.

In Question name, name your question so that you will be able to find it again for future use.

In Question text, ask the question.

Default mark is set to 1. You may change this.

In General feedback, you may wish to prewrite some feedback for this question. 

The default is one answer only. You may change this.

By default, the choices within this question are shuffled. You can decide whether you want to letter, number, or Roman numeral your choices.

In Answers, you will enter the choices for this question.

Fill in the choice, and if it is correct, choose 100% from the dropdown menu under Grade.

You may create as many alternate, incorrect choices as you wish. By default, there are 4 more alternate answers. Each one of these alternate answers should remain at a default Grade of none.


Save Changes

Preview quiz by clicking the magnifying glass to the right of the question.

If you want to change the question, click the gear to edit the question.

Click the X to delete your question.

Click Add to add the next question.

Click Save to complete Quiz creation.