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Moodle: Faculty: Overview: Right

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Overview: Right

On the Right, you will find BLOCKS.

Default blocks include: People, Latest Announcements, Messages, Search Forums, Upcoming Events, and Recent Activity.

You may find it useful to add the Calendar.

To Make Changes

1) Click on the gear in the upper right area. When the drop down box opens, select Turn editing on.


2) This will make the Edit functions visible and available.


3) To add the Calendar (or any other BLOCK), find the option for this feature at the bottom of the right column



4) Open the Add drop down to see the options.

As an example, we will select Calendar.

Once we do this, the Calendar block will open above the Add drop down.


5) Events are added to the Calendar mainly by adding an activity - such as an assignment - that has a due date.

6) In the instructions for Overview Middle, you saw how to add an activity or resource in part 8 - 11. Resources are not part of the Calendar. Review.

7) The reason you would add the Calendar is so that when you set due dates, those due dates will be visible on the students' calendars, as well as your Calendar.

When the user clicks on the details on the Calendar, they are taken to the activity itself.

8) To move the Calendar to another section within the Right Column (or to the Left Column under Administration), click the crossed arrows.


9) If you hold your cursor over the crossed arrows, you may click and drag the Calendar around the page, including to the top of the Right Column.

10) On the other hand, if you click on the crossed arrows, you will see the following pop-up box. Interpret the entries for  "to Item...", read it as "place this Block I want to move below whatever I select from this list." 

The Administration item is in the Left Column.

You cannot move the Calendar to the top of the Right Column this way. To place it at the top of the Right Column, you must use the click and drag method noted in #9.

If a Block disappears! (Block docking)

Block docking happens when you click the "<" symbol within one of your Blocks.



When you click on this icon, you "dock" the Block.This means you have moved the Block - it now will be found on the far left side of your page. 

Look in the border - it will now appear as a tab.




To move a Block back to the Right side of the page, hold your cursor over the docked block - in this case, Calendar. 

It will reopen the block, and you can click on the ">" symbol to undock the block.

It will return to the Right side of the page.