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Moodle: Faculty: Request a Moodle site

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How to request a MOODLE course site.

1) Go to Brandon University homepage.

2) Find the link to Moodle in the Student Resources section.

3) At the Moodle homepage, you will see this box near the top of the page. Select Instructor New Website Request.

4) You should see a page titled:



5) Find section 3. This section contains important information relevant to every individual class. It ends with a link to request a website.

6) You will be asked to log in.

7) After you log in, you should see this page...

8) Fill in the details for your course. When you have completed the form, find the Request a course button at the bottom of the page, and click it to submit your course request.

9) You will receive an email confirming your request. 

A subsequent email will be sent when your Moodle course site is ready.

10) If you try to access your Moodle course site before it is ready, there will be nothing to see.