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Moodle: Faculty: Import a Quiz

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Reformatting a Quiz

You need not type each question into Moodle.

The Aiken format lets you import your existing quizzes into Moodle. To import your quiz, it may have to be reformatted to match the model. Find and Replace may be helpful in making changes throughout the document quickly.

Here is an example of the format:


As you can see, each question must be all on one line.

Each answer choice must start with a single uppercase letter, followed by a period '.' or a bracket ), then a space.

The answer line must immediately follow below, starting with "ANSWER: " (NOTE the space after the colon) and then show the correct letter. The answer letters (A,B,C etc.) and the word "ANSWER" must be capitalized, otherwise the import will fail. Quote marks ' ' can cause import errors.



1. Click on Save As. Save the quiz file as plain text (.txt), not as a Word document (.doc or .docx).


2. By default, the dialog box will show Western European encoding. Click on Other encoding.

3. In the window next to Other encoding, scroll up to UTF-8, select and save.

4. This document is now ready for import.

Importing a Quiz

Return to the front page of your Moodle course site.

1. Find the Administration Panel.

2. Click open Question Bank.

3. Select Import.

4. In the File format setting, select Aiken format.

5. In the General settings, uncheck Get context from file and uncheck Get category from file.

6. In the Import questions from file setting, your options are either drag and drop or Choose a file.

7. Click on Import.

8. Check the questions - you may change them at this point by selecting Edit

9. Click Continue - whether or not you made changes. The Quiz now is imported.


Add imported quiz

Return to the front page of your Moodle course site.

Select your Quiz front.

When you go to your Quiz editing page, you will see that no questions have been added.

Click on Add.

You will see the questions you imported earlier.

You can check off the questions you wish to include on your Quiz, or check the entire list of questions.

Click on Add selected questions to the quiz.


Formatting the quiz

You may place all the Quiz questions onto one page by clicking the page separation icon on the left. It's a toggle option - if you click it again, each question will be placed on its own individual page.

You may choose to click the Shuffle checkbox so that each student receives a different order of questions.

You may change the grade value of the quiz in the Maximum grade box.

When complete, click Save.

Clicking on your Quiz front should show that the imported questions have now been added.