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Moodle - Students: How to Change Your Preferences

How to change your preferences

You must be logged in to Moodle to change your preferences.

Once you log in, click on your name and select Preferences from the drop down box.

There are lots of options in Preferences. We shall look at 4 - the first is Forum preferences.


A discussion forum is where your professor will post topics and questions for discussion.

You and your classmates will post replies and answers.

Once you click on Forum preferences, you will see a page with options.

In the Email digest type, the default setting is No Digest. 

Most users will change this to Subjects because it will mean fewer messages in their inbox.


To keep up with forum discussions, you may want to change the No to Yes in Forum Auto-subscribe.

Here, you may want to change Forum tracking to Yes because it tracks whether you have read a new post or not. It's a time-saver.

When you are done, click on Save changes.


Return to the Preferences page.

2) The second Preference option we will show is Editor preferences.

The default setting is Default - change this to Atto because it will allow you to make more changes to the text and format.

When you are done, click Save changes.


Return to the Preferences page.

3) The third option we shall discuss is Calendar. Select it.

Here, you may select the calendar preferences you want - time display format, first day of the week (Sunday? Monday? Something else?) or maximum number of upcoming events. Make the changes - if any - and Save changes.

Return to the Preferences page.

4) The fourth option we shall look at is Message Preferences. Select it.

This page is arranged slightly differently. 

You may restrict who can message you in the Privacy section.

The Notifications section is set to email you notifications. If you change this, then you would have to go to the course site to read notifications. 

If you change the General section, every time you hit ENTER while typing, your message will be sent, rather than the expected action of starting a new line. Most users do not change this original setting.

Return to the Preferences page.

Other Preference options are available. You may make the selections you want. Remember to save your changes. You can always change them back to the original settings or to a different setting.