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Moodle - Students: Forums

What is a Forum?

A Forum is a place for online communications.

That communication can be

  • responding to questions from the professor of your course,
  • replying to questions and comments from other students in your course,
  • posting a question or comment of your own for your course, and
  • attaching text or image files to your questions or comments.

If you wish to contact your professor individually, or your professor wishes to contact you, these interactions take place in Messages.

Using Forums

When you click on a Forum, you will see instructions from your professor and a list of discussion topics. 

Each discussion topic will have a subject heading so you will know what the discussion is about.

Clicking on a subject heading will open the original message. There you will be able to view the original message and any replies that have been made.

Replies to a message are known as a thread.

To reply to a thread, click on the Reply link at the bottom of the message. A box will open, into which you may type.

If you have subscribed to a forum, you may see posts in your email. You can click reply at the bottom of the email. This will open a new box on the forum page, beneath the original post. You may type your reply here. 

The front page of a Forum gives details on the name of the one who started the discussion, the number of replies, and the last posting date and time.

You can use this to determine if there are new messages.

Adding a New Discussion Topic To a Forum

Click on Add a new discussion topic.

A box will open. You can type in this box.

When you are finished, click on Post to forum. A message will tell you that you have 30 minutes in which to edit your post before everyone else can see it.

How to Subscribe to Forums.

Most forums allow you to control which posts you see in your email.

To choose to subscribe, either click 'subscribe to all forums' or click on 'no' beneath 'subscribe' for those you want to join.

Then you can also choose what email you get from each forum under 'Email digest type'


Note: You may receive messages you have not subscribed to from your professor.

This is called Forced Subscription, and comes through an announcement forum, to which you cannot reply.