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Moodle - Students: How to Edit My Profile

Edit Profile

In order to access your Profile information, you must first log in to Moodle.

Then, in the upper right corner, click on your name.

The following box will pop up. It includes, among other links, links to your Dashboard and your Profile.


The Dashboard includes an overview of the courses you have taken and currently are taking.

To reorder your Course overview, open the drop down menu labeled All - options include In progress, Future, and Past


Blocks are visible on the right side of the page.

Blocks contain information relevant to your courses. Blocks may include Calendar, Upcoming Events, and Timeline.

To add or drop Blocks, click on Customize this page. If you do this, look for the option to appear on the very bottom of the right side of the page.


Adding a Block is straightforward - options will appear in the box that opens at the bottom of the page.


To drop a Block, look to the Block you wish to remove and click the gear. This will open the options. Select Delete and the name of the Block - in this example, Private files.


To reposition Blocks within the column, click and drag the crossed arrows. You may now move the Block anywhere within the Block column.


In order to change or update information in your Profile, click on the link to Profile.

You will see a page similar to this.

In the User details section, click on Edit profile.


This is the screen that opens.

To open any specific section on this page, click on the arrow beside the section - such as General. That will expand the section and open the options.

This profile sets your information for ALL your BU Moodle courses. You do not have to redo this information for each course.

If you want to put in an image (the image does not have to be a picture of your face), then go to the User picture section. The image will be automatically cropped to fit a square.

When you have completed your changes, click Update profile.