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Moodle - Students: How to Submit your assignment #2 - Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

2) There is a 2nd way to submit an assignment.

As in the first example, click on Assignment, and then click Add submission.

You will see that in the Assignment page, there is an area for File submissions.

Minimize this window so that you can still see it, as well as the area from which you will be dragging your submission.

In this example, the file is on the desktop (blue).

Drag the file to the area indicated by the large blue arrow.


Your file will now appear in that area.

It has NOT been submitted. You have placed it where it needs to be to move to the next step. 

To continue, click Save changes.


On this page, you can see the item has not been submitted in the Submission status area.

You have the opportunity to edit this submission, or submit it.


As in the first example, because the professor has asked for this information, you must complete the Confirm submission screen.

You are bound by Brandon University Academic Integrity principles whether or not this screen appears. 


Once you have clicked Continue, the Submission status page reappears. Now you can see the assignment has been submitted for grading.


If your professor has enabled the feature, you will get an email confirming the submission.