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Moodle - Students: Overview of a Moodle Course

Overview of a Moodle Course

To see your classes, click on My Courses. I will be selecting from my class list – the example I will use is CTLT Thinking Critically and Creatively.


My class looks like this. Your class may look a little different.


This page has a lot of information. Your page may look different. Mine looks like this:

Announcements may come from your professor. You will receive the announcement through the email you entered in your Moodle Profile.

Events may show important upcoming events for this class 

Calendar may show in the calendar due dates etc for this class

These are some basic resources and activities in Moodle.


File is a pdf, Word, or Excel document that you may click on to read.                        

Resource Folder contains files and may contain subfolders with additional files.

A URL link will connect with an online resource.

Glossary lists definitions of words used in this specific field of study. Think of it as a dictionary for this class.

Moodle Page may contain written text, video, or image.


Journal is an online diary that only you and your professor can read.

Forum is a place for online discussion for this class about course topics.

Quiz is a short test. Your professor will let you know if they have posted a quiz for you to take. A quiz may be multiple choice, short answer, or some other format.

Assignment is where you will find an assignment for the course, as well as a place to submit an assignment.

Note Student Blocks which provide links to support form, among others, Personal Concealing, BU Library, Writing Skills and Academic Advising.