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Moodle - Students: How to Submit Your Assignment #1 File picker

How to submit an assignment # 1: File picker

Find the link for the original assignment on your Moodle course page.

(The same link where you found the assignment instructions is where you will submit the assignment.)

Then Select Assignment Submission Link

You will see a page similar to this - one that is specific to your class.

Click on Add submission. You will see a page similar to this.


There are 2 options for submitting your assignment.

1) Find the entry for File submissions. 

Locate the small icon for Add file - there is a picture of a file with a + sign.

To add a file, click on this icon.


 The popup box titled File picker will appear.

Find the option for Upload a File. Usually, it is on the left side of the box. If it has not been selected, then select it.

Then click on Choose file.




When you do this, your files will appear. Select the file that you want to submit.

Once the file is selected, you will see the file information has appeared on the submission screen.

In the example, where it reads A student, your name will appear.


After you click Upload this file, you will see the Assignment screen.

You have selected the file you want to submit. It now appears in the File submissions area.

If this IS the file you wish to submit, then click the option for Save changes.

If this is NOT the file you wish to submit, click Cancel and begin again.


When you click Save changes, the Submission status box will appear.

At this point, you have an option to edit your file. 

When you are ready to submit your file, click Submit assignment.


At this point, you may see the Confirm submission screen. 

If you do not see this screen, you will see the Submission status screen next. 

If you do see this screen, you need to confirm that the work you are submitting is your own. 

You are bound by Brandon University Academic Integrity principles whether or not this screen appears. 


After you have finished, you will see this screen - Submission Status.

Note that it now reads Submitted for grading.

You may receive an email confirming your submission. Your professor determines whether or not this happens.

You have now submitted your assignment.