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Moodle - Students: Troubleshooting

Specific Problems

I can't find Moodle.

What if I can't log in?

Where can you not log into?

If you cannot log in to Moodle, it may be that you have typed in your username and/or password incorrectly. Check it again. If it does not work, check with the Computer Helpdesk.

If you are logged into Moodle, but cannot log in to your course, make sure you are using the enrolment key distributed by your professor for their course.

Remember that each course will have its own enrolment key.

If the key still does not work, contact your professor.

I have questions about Moodle and how it works. Where can I go for help?

The Computer Help desk in the BU Main Library. You may be able to visit them in person, or you can contact them online. 

Why can't I access all of the courses in Moodle?

Because you are not registered for all the courses in Moodle. Only the courses for which you are registered, or do not require a key, will be accessible to you.

Why can’t I find a Moodle website for my course?

Some instructors do not use Moodle and do not have a Moodle website. They may use MS Teams or other options.